Our must have product for a mess free tan!

Our must have product for a mess free tan!

When tan is life...Brown Bare is a must! Making marinating in your tan mess free! For the pricetag of just $10, you can sleep easy knowing you are baking in bed stain free! SO MUCH YES.....oh did we mention you can reuse too! 

Do you dread having to go to sleep after a fresh tan knowing that you have to cocoon yourself in an old sheet and sleep like a mummy hoping you don't move or touch anything or anyone. 


Does the BF wake up and get angry cause your hand print is stained on his chest because snuggles are life!


Do you have to sleep in a competition tan and hate that you have to pack extra sheets in your already oversized baggage?


If this is you Brown Bare is your new tan best friend <3 


The BrownBare suit has been designed with thumb straps and feet stirrups to allow the suit to stay fastened overnight. Also included is a disposable pillow case and booties to guarantee a mess free sleep!

It is lightweight and breathable, allowing your tan to develop without affecting the application and keeping the colour on your skin without leaking onto sheets or clothes. It is disposable, so whether you wear it once and throw it out or treat it with care and wear it again is up to you!


We are so in love with this product after we tested and tried for ourselves that we now stock it. Avail online at our store here. 


Happy mess-free tanning x 

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